There is really not much information out there in the way of time cycle analysis, and
what is out there is often too complicated for the layman to understand. Not more
than a handful of decent books have ever approached the relationship of cycles
To moving Averages. This, along with the many questions I have received over the
years, is why I decided to write this e-book.

One of the foundational aspects of cyclic analysis is the moving average - which can
be used a ton of ways to extract information from market conditions on virtually any
stock, bond, currency, stock index or commodity.

Over the past year, I have spent time compiling information on moving averages and
how they can be used within cyclic analysis. The end result is my new e-book,
“Moving Averages & Cycles”, which has just been released in the Autumn of 2013.

In this new e-book, I go into great detail in the use of moving averages and cycles,
putting it in a format that is easy to understand. Unlike many books on the subject
that are too complicated to understand - requiring the use of spectral analysis
and fourier transforms - this e-book is written in a way that is easy to comprehend,
Requiring only basic math skills - and the methods described can be used on virtually
any charting program.

Below is just a partial outline of the contents of this new e-book:

Nominal Time Cycles in the Market
The Basics of Market Cycles
Moving Averages for Locating Past Cycle Highs and Lows
Moving Averages and Trend Determination
Projecting Future Price Targets
Defining Areas of Support and Resistance
Moving Averages and the ‘Price Reversion’ Pattern
Moving averages for defining Potential Reversal Areas
“Everything You Need To Know About
Cycles and Moving Averages”
Just Released, Autumn of 2013!
Moving Averages & Cycles is full of charts and illustrations, and shows you every
method that I personally know for using moving averages to extract as much
information as possible in relation to a cycle analysis. Several of these methods
described in this e-book have never been written about before - I know, I created
them! These are things that I have discovered - mostly through years of trial and error
in the markets.

The ‘Cycles & Moving Averages’ is available for only $20, and can be

purchased via pay-pal at the ‘buy now’ button below

(the book is in PDF format).





After purchase, the e-book will be emailed to you within a few minutes (but could
take longer, depending on the time of day). Thank you for your interest!

Copyright 2013, Jim Curry